Overton Events Pricing and Info.

Welcome to Overton Events Pricing and general Info to advertisement. The whole point of this is to explain the many ways you can advertise with us. We are well known for our Sports coverage of LA and Overton County Sports, and our growth on our 24/7 live stream And sell advertisements on both, as well as a package deal.

Are you looking to add a camera to our 24/7 livestream on your business? Here is how it will work!
We use bullseye security to handle all of our cameras. the reason for this is they handle the citys cameras already and has for years! as well as other local goverment and other countys. so they have already been vetted.
(Full transparency The Owner of Overton Events, Also works for Bullseye Security! )

Cost per camera install is 450$ only for the Overton Events cameras, this is to send bullseye out to you to install the camera, cause for the camera to be used as a security camera it has to be installed by a security business. we will give you access to the camera. but keep ownership of the camera. we do this so the public has to go threw us not you their for you are not bugged if their is a wreck or the police need it
(We work with our IT and Security business with them already so its easier for us to just handle it)
this also removes all questions of who the public has to go after if something dose go wrong with the camera Its on us not you! (Don’t see any of that happing this is just to keep everyone feeling safe.)

when your camera is showing you will be the only banner to be on the stream giving your business’ at least 2-4 mins of free advertising every hour passive for next 5-6 years Or Life of the camera!!

Our Sports Package Pricing.
Banner Advertisement – 150$ Per Month
(adds your banner to rotate on all our sports streams.)
Video Advertisement – 250$ Per Month
(+Banner – you get a 30 sec video advertisement we will play at ad brakes!)

Custom Package
We do custom call out packages, if you are looking to be a half time show sponsor, or a 3 point/First down Call out we can do that (Examples what you want might already be sold)

Our 24/7 live stream Package Pricing.
Banner Wall – 50$ per Month
we add you and up to 3 other business to the stream and your logo pops up every so often with them saying Thank you to ….. for keeping this 24/7 live stream showing. Then it will show another group of 4 then you again after them next time!

Video Advertisement – 150$ Per Month.
(Video advertisments play across the 24/7 live stream every 15 mins 4 30sec video ads of LOCAL Business to the area will play. )

(Anyone who advertisese on our 24/7 stream gets their facebook added to our info wall as well (A way for you to make sure your info is advertised and a way for you to freely change what you are advertising as long as you are a sponsor with us!!!)

Sports, and 24/7 Live stream Packages.
Banner Advertisements – 200$
Video Advertisements – 300$
This will send you across our 24/7 and sports streams all in 1 go!
(for most part to add the 24 7 stream advertisement to a sports package it will add 50$ to your package!)

Ending, General numbers is about 500-1.5k per sports stream for a single event of mostly Local Only people watches our sports streams.

and we are still growing cause its new but our 24/7 live stream is pulling about 400-1000 Daily Now.

We think the 24/7 live stream will end up being bigger then the sports stream. The reason for this is local businesses will be able to set up this live stream on smart tvs in their business using the youtube app. The youtube stream unlike the Facebook stream dose not restart every 6 hours so it is the same url every week. Meaning they can set it up and leave it all day (if we do a sports game it will go across there as well as our sports stream, so they don’t even have to change for when LA Sports are live and can show it to their customers !! No games going on? Thats fine we got the cameras with background music playing for them. with Info being updated by many of our facebook groups.

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